Donnerstag, 22. März 2012

Laughter is the Best Kind of Medicine.

Hey everyone- I have good news; I am alive! It has been awhile since I have written, but I haven't thought of anything cool or funny to write about... until now I guess. For starters, I have been going on walks daily. Here, the roads are very steep and the shortcuts to walk on are even steeper! I have found myself just walking down these paths sheerly for adventure. My goal is to walk up and down each "secret passage way" before I leave. That shouldn't be too hard, seeing as I walk at least once a day, if not twice or even thrice if I'm feeling crazy. These pictures don't really do justice what it looks like here, but it is better than nothing ehh?

Freitag, 2. März 2012

Real Talk; I would like to call it Beauty

Maybe the best things in life are just simple, honest, real life things, such as stories/memories or spoken words. Maybe that is why it is so hard to concoct a masterpiece, when you've been apart of one- you just don't realize it. Take for instance life- Everything around you, even yourself. You are breathing whilst you read this and don't even have to monitor it. You simply are alive. Another instance is nature. The trees, birds, fresh crisp air, warmth of the sun, flowers ( I'm quite partial to flowers). All these, and countless others serve a purpose, for you and me. Trees keeps our air pure, animals, not all, give us nourishment, flowers gan give remedies, and so on and so fourth. Call it what you would like, but the simple things in life are those that bring a smile to your face and warm your heart even teach life lessons.

Okay, now about my trip!

Since I have last blogged I have been apart of some really cool things. Such as extreme sledding, visiting the "downtown area", having a friend come visit, and ya know, visiting Germany. Okay for the record, just a little disclaimer, I still do not know how to speak French fluently, or really that much. I have only been here for a couple of weeks and have the best host family/ translators that I almost never have to speak French. :) Also, my über Midwestern accent is a favourite among the teens in the area, so why not speak English?! ;)

So, I had the wonderful opportunity to have one of my very good friends come and join me on my adventure here, to see the alps, and to enjoy wonderful company. Before she came, the Alps were more so the Whelps. ( the awkward version of the mountains, where you mistake them for clouds because you can't see them). So, we had to opportunity to go sledding with some friends. Upon arriving, we saw this massive ski lift. I didn't really want to go and this giant ski lift did not help my cause. But it ended up being really awesome. We ended up going for free, and it was such a blast! Oh and can I just say that the cheese fondue here is amazing?! Seriously, so so so so good. I ate some right before we went sledding. Oh yeah, then the next day we went to the town square/ the downtown area and went through the shops. Its really cool because as we were walking towards the downtown area, we got closer to the view of the stunning Alps. We walked around for ages, and then suddenly I realized I was missing something- MY CAMERA! Luckily, I remembered where I had misplaced it and everything was as it should.

The following week I went to Germany. I visited some amazing people there, and tasted the best yoghurt ever. Don't even remember the name. But it was so cool going there and being at our friends new house. On the way back we went to Strambourg in France; because it's just "on the way home". I got to see one of the biggest churches back in the day. It was so intricately crafted; just pure talent there. Oh, and then I ate the best pizza ever! Like no lie. Thin crust, white cream sauce, onion, bacon. Boom.