Freitag, 31. August 2012

Je suis grave pas toujours.

Okay, this will probably take a bit longer to type out seeing as it's only nine o' clock in the evening and I am totally falling asleep. I'm pretty sure I have a sixth sense, where I can actually be productive in my sleep. Blogging counts as being productive? 

Today marks the first week in the European lands ( plus one day to be exact, but who's counting). So far, it's quite fantastic. I have my own room, a friend has already purchased me a bilingual bible, gone on some bike rides, and eaten some of the best food I will ever eat. Double Creme is where it is at. Those of you that know, will agree. Those of you that don't know, if I described it, it would confuse you and then make you cry because it would sound too good to be true. Fact. 

The family has already found out I use the phrases, " And I was like" and " Right" a fair amount of times. Token American over here. 

Also, I have purchased this thing, okay it has a name but I don't know what it is. I mean I know what it is in French but it doesn't make sense in English. Basically I bought a year pass for the train and bus! The cool thing is that everything is either half price, or after 7pm I get to ride for free. In case you didn't know, a ticket the distance from Kenosha to Chicago ( normally costing around 16 papers round trip would cost you about 80 here) . If I ride the train around three I will have paid off the cost! Cray cray. 

Okay, so the real reason why I am blogging today is to inform anyone, that I have started a 52 weeks challenge with my sister and friend!

Week one, one sentence in ASL. 

Freitag, 24. August 2012

Is This Real Life?

I never thought I would be saying this ever. I never thought that my plans in life could be so simple, yet so exciting. And.... I never would have thought I would be back in Switzerland . . . for a whole year! 

Exciting times have approached, and I thought, in order to keep every reader, which I am sure is only like five people, I thought I would do one of those "52 weeks project/challenge" things. So every week I will *have* to write about my adventures . . . and then my project thingy will add just a right amount of spice to my sweet life. 

I just arrived yesterday so I feel very cloudy. To me it is funny because it really is cloudy here in Switzerland. It was really sunny yesterday and then there was a huge thunderstorm. Talking about the weather is boring, so until next week!