Dienstag, 12. Juni 2012

Post trip... take two?

There are so many things to be said. Too many thoughts to write down, or even explain. If I did, you and I both would go mad. It's the truth.

It is  really late at night, I just ate some English chocolate, though secretly craving some Swiss chocolate from Migros or *insert other Swiss supermarket*, and I am really wishing that my wisdom teeth were  removed from my gums before I get any weirder. Picture having little weights tied to your teeth that weigh a  thousand pounds. Boom. Thats what my teeth feel like, only the weights are pain. Woah.

Other than that, life is simply amazing. I recently hit a car whilst backing up, (I know I technically shouldn't admit to this but hey, there's a good ending) but miraculously did NOT have to pay anything. I  was on the phone with the insurance company and asked the lady over and over if I was hearing this correctly.

JUST REMEMBERED! I have a new found love for baking. Cupcakes that is. My friend, Sarah and I have been experimenting with different extracts, flavour combos, such as chocolate with mint, and cappuccino with creamcheese frosting. If you are interested in trying, more like buying some delicious cupcakes, just say the word!

One more thing.... When you finally have your own bank account, you can officially feel like  a responsible adult..At least that's how it is for me.

And my adventure doesn't end here. But this post will for now  ;)