Montag, 26. November 2012

Rien que Spécial

[WARNING: My phone and my camera are dead and chargerl-ess, therefore this post will be *thee* most barren post ever. I am shuddering at the thought of this because I am such a visual person, but alas, next week I will have proof of all of my doings].

Allright, where to begin? Where has this month gone? And how far behind am I ... I am pretty sure I have literally forgotten about my blog for this month, or at least since the last time I have written here. Okay, so for the challenges I have to complete five this week, so far I've done a couple...

Jewelry making time ; I did in fact make something; but it still isn't finished. I have made a headband WITH my bedazzler, but I do NOT have enough jems, therefore I am utterly devastated and don't know if I will be able to finish said headband. Also, currently in the process making a necklace (candle at the other side of the table) with the little girl I am taking care of ! Fun times

Flag time; alllllright, I have narrowed it down to a state island that is considered to be part of Thailand. Can we say legit flag alert? The Name's Chang. Ko Chang. Yes, this state starts with a K. *high-five* .

This is all for now I think, I would rather post a little proving that I am alive then just cramming a bunch into one day. Until next time!

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