Montag, 8. Oktober 2012

J'aimerias une glace. . .

Okay friends, hope all is well with YOU!
Good news, I am learning more French. Supposedly, I am impressing people with how much I have learned and how well I pronounce things. But I still have got a ways to go. . . I can only understand things in slow motion. That's how my brain feels at the moment because it takes me a while to hear the correct thing and then translate. C'est pas grave. I am starting to dream in French which seems like progress?? Eh?

Okay, This week's challenge was to find something odd at a store. Anywhere I looked there were weird/interesting things. Rabbit is now in season. To eat. Yep, but I managed to snap a picture with some random candies, right in front of someone passing through the isle. Pure awesomeness, because they looked at me like I was completely crazy! That was another one of my "assignments" of the week.

Two kinds of Ketchup. Hot and regular. But not in French.
Me with the candies and my lunch. Salad, Apple juice,  Olive oil and Feta Chips, chocolate, and some fresh picked grapes

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